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After the Fall

New book coming this summer

The first novel in my post-apocalyptic series will be released this summer by yodacat books.

After the Fall has been 5 years in writing and editing and rewriting and is now with the publishers. I expect to have proofs to actually hold in my grubby little hands in a week or two.

A best seller

I’ve been blown away by the number of people buying a silly book I wrote for my toddler. Thank you all. I hope you appreciate it or at least have a toddler who likes farts.

What really got me though was the sales before I told people about it. 1 each in France and the Czech Republic and 3, yes, 3 in Poland. I don’t know anyone in these countries, but I hope whoever you are, you like it.

Title, title, title.

So the title of my novel is After the Fall. It’s post apocalyptic and the Fall in this case is the Fall of the planet. Catchy huh?
Or maybe not catchy enough. Other titles I’m considering

It’s only the end of the world.
The Engineer Versus the Apocalypse.
Haley Davidson and the Marley Girl (ok, there may be some copyright issues here).
No tea at the end of the world.

Which is catchier? The catch the attention of an agent catchier? The spot it on a bookshelf and think ‘oh, that sounds interesting’. Let me know.

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