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Submission tracking

So I’ve been submitting and so far it looks like.

Submitted to 10 agents and 1 publisher. I got 3 responses, all rejections. Average time to rejection? 5.67 days.

8 no replies.

Submitted 7 tweets to 2 Twitter pitch contest, 1 like, rejected in 3 days.

It’s not easy out there. I submitted to another agent this morning….


Nano is over

Nano is over, I finished the first draft of book 3 of my trilogy at 53,000 words. It will need a whole lot of work. Like tons of work. Like burning and starting from scratch. But still, it’s done, it’s got a layout and some ideas and some form of a plot, so there’s that.

Now that Nano is over there’s still writing to be done. The Writers of Sherman Oaks meets twice a week throughout the year. On Thursdays we have a critique group at Panera in Studio City and on Saturday mornings we meet at Panera in Encino to write. You can see the calendar on MeetUp here.

Nanowrimo and writing around Sherman Oaks.

In Los Angeles and doing nano? Come join us tonight at Panera in Encino from 6:30 to 9:00. I’ll be hosting, there’ll be word wars, chocolate and coffee. The Writers of Sherman Oaks have five write-ins every week of November to push you past the 50k mark.

Here is our calendar of nano events in and around the SF Valley.

We also have weekly write-ins on Saturdays and a critique group on Thursdays the rest of the year. Thursdays at 6:30 in Panera in Studio City and Saturdays 9:30 – noon at Panera in Encino.


Yes, this is my fourth novel, well the fourth I’ve completed, but I’m very new to submitting. So far I’ve been slowly trying to find an agent and submit. I’ve managed a full seven of them so far. On the plus side I’ve had zero rejections. Yes, Zero. In your face Ms Rowling.

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